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"WoodEnergy" - is one of the leading companies in the sphere of manufacturing and selling of firewood (Aanmaakhout, Anmachholz, Brandhout in sakken) that include kilned dry firewood, firewood in net sacks)  and freshcut firewood. Charcoal (houtskool), pellets A1 and sawdust briquettes as well as kindling wood are made in the company. Our manifold approach to problem solutions, that has relation to the export of firewood (legna da andare, Aanmaakhout, Anmachholz, Brandhout in sakken) ensures effective performance of contract obligations both in Ukraine and abroad.

We provide logistic, financial, legal and marketing services of selling firewood in net sacks (Aanmaakhout, Anmachholz, Brandhout in sakken) that make our partners sure in the accomplishing of our common agreements.

"WoodEnergy" is  more than just a wide range of high quality firewood for barbecue (Aanmaakhout, Anmachholz, brandhout in sakken) and wooden products (Kindling wood, pellets A1). We express our tolerance and open-mindedness towards wood business owners and companies in distribution of their wooden products (Kindling wood, pellets A1) and business management that are connected with "WoodEnergy" activity.




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